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Optical Cable

An optical cable causes less interference than a traditional copper wire. This cable transports via optic fibre instead of electronic currents. This allows signals to be transmitted fast and error-free over a long distance.  

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Why choose an optical cable?

If you have to install a home cinema set separately from the video, you can do this through an optical cable or a digital coaxial cable.


To optimize optical cables, we also offer various accessories:

  • Converter
    This allows you to convert the digital audio signal to analogue, or vice versa.
  • Switch
    An optical switch serves as a distributor for optical signals, convenient when you don't have enough optical inputs on a device.
  • Splitter
    An optical splitter allows you to connect an optical signal to multiple devices. There are two types: direct and electrical.

Purchase your optical cable online

Order your optical cable quickly and economically online at Cabelspecialist. Questions about an optical cable? Feel free to contact our customer service, they are happy to help.

Purchase your optical cable online at Cabelspecialist!

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