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Jack Cable

Do you own headphones? Then you're probably already familiar with the Jack plug. Almost all headphones make use of a jack plug. You can also use a jack cable to connect audio to laptops, car radios or music instruments. 

1 Item(s)

1 Item(s)


The connectors of jack cables are coated with a thin layer of gold, preventing oxidation (rusting). As a result, the cables still have a good connection over time.


Cabelspecialist has a large selection of jack cables.

  • Jack connection piece
    Convenient when you want to connect two jack cables.
  • Jack splitter
    This can be used to split a stereo signal into two mono signals or to double it.
  • Jack extension cable
    To increase the length of the cable, we offer extension cables.
  • Jack-to-RCA cable
    This cable allows you to connect different plugs. For example, to connect your smartphone with a stereo system by using the headphone port of your phone.

Purchase your jack cable online

Order your jack cable quickly and economically online at Cabelspecialist. Questions about a jack cable? Feel free to contact our customer service, they are happy to help.

Purchase your jack cable online at Cabelspecialist!

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