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Internal Power Cable

In order to supply your PC with electricity, it needs a power supply. An internal power cable provides that power supply and converts alternating current power from the socket into direct current. Good power is important, since most computer problems are caused by bad or wrong power. 

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Computer problems

Most computer problems are caused by a bad or wrong power supply. If there are not enough amperes to power the various components, they may cause the following problems:

  • PC failure 
    This can happen after installing, for example, a new video card or hard drive. Taking a heavier power supply is the solution. 
  • A loud bang and smoke from the PC 
    The capacitors of the 12 volt connection have burst. The damage usually remains limited to the power supply. 
  • A bang and smoke from the PC and power supply 
    The capacitors of the 12 volt connection and surrounding parts have burst. For example, the motherboard, processor, memory or video card is defective. 

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