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Firewire Cable

With the arrival of the USB cable, the FireWire Cable is still only used at a limited scale. Formerly, many devices had a FireWire connection. If you want to transfer pictures or files from an older camera or PC, this cable is the solution.

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When do you need a FireWire Cable?

You need a FireWire Cable to transfer old files from your laptop, PC, photo or video camera. FireWire is also used when connecting external hard disks and camcorders. Previously, the FireWire connection was the default. Nowadays, the USB Cable is much more popular in consumer electronics.

Buy your Firewire Cable online

With Cabelspecialist, you can easily and efficiently order your Firewire Cable online. Do you have any questions about the Firewire Cable? Please contact our customer service, they will be happy to assist you.

You buy your Firewire Cable online with Cabelspecialist!

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